Healthcare Affordable Repayment Plans, or HARP, help patients protect their credit while paying off medical expenses.  Our long term financing options and low interest rates give families a more affordable option to pay medical bills.

If you have already opted into the repayment plan through your hospital, then you can pay your bill online at any time here.

If you are still looking at whether to join this option with your hospital, understand the benefits and process for joining.

How to Opt into HARP:


Contact your hospital to see if they are a HARP customer


If they are a HARP customer they will explain your options if you’re unable to immediately pay your medical bill.


If you request a long-term repayment plan your hospital will send you a HARP Welcome Kit. Enclosed will be legal disclosures and coupon payment booklets.


Sign paperwork and return before due date.


Make timely payments online, over the phone, or by mail.


Don't let the bills stress you

Loan Calculator

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HARP Representatives will provide actual Repayment Plan documents to patient in mail upon provider request

*Understand if your hospital has given you this option, you must accept it or pay the bill by the original due date. Otherwise, the offer will be canceled and your account will be placed in bad debt collection.